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17th October 2016
The start of 2017
25th January 2017

Windy winter – Fencing in Bristol

Golding’s Gardeners – Fencing services Bristol

Its been a busy year for us, lots of fencing in Bristol was hit extremely hard due to the strong windy conditions last winter.
We have been in undated with a constant flow of storm damaged fencing in Bristol through-out the summer and autumn months.

Golding’s Gardeners have carried out a range of different fencing styles, from the standard lapped panels to the much stronger and more durable close board panels.
With the current forecasts it looks like we are in for another windy winter in the south west.

If your fencing is in need of repair or replacement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. There are many ways to contact us, either call on 07770 672 029, email, message us through our Facebook page or use the contact form on

As well as fencing we offer range of other services such as patio installations, landscaping and garden maintenance in and around Bristol.
If you would like a quotation for any of these services then get in touch on the above contact details and we will arrange a suitable time and date to give you free quotation.

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